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Swanboat Icons

livejournal icons made by nerwende

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swanboat icons
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Livejournal icons based on my intrests and fandoms.

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This community is a place where nerwende posts livejournal icons of various subjects. Refer to the list of interests to see what kind of icons you can expect to find here. Wallpapers, banners, textures and such are posted occasionally as well. These graphics are meant to be used, so no need to ask. :) However, there are some rules:
* comment if you take (so I know what sorts of icons I should make in the future)
* credit swanboat_icons (so other people can find here too)
* if the icon is based on someone's artwork, credit the original artist too (this is THE most important rule)
* don't direct-link (because it might kill my bandwidth and then no one can see the icons)

Thank you kindly. :) Feel free to friend this journal to keep updated on what I post. Per requests, I have also enabled joining the community, because some people feel it is easier to follow that way. However, joining does not grant you the right to post.

You can also browse the LOTR icons and some of my older graphics (wallpapers, patterns and such) at Nenuial. My Snape graphics are archived here.

* Brushes & more:
teh_indy, september_icons, eightyfour__, icons_with_love, nyuszi, happyconfusion7, admireicons, endlessdeep, _joni, wizzicons, my_wonderful, joli_papier, ohpaintbrush, tsukicon, colorfilter, Miss M, Anna, the Magic Box, Tere, braggadocio.org, 77words, ewanism, liminalstate, ownthesunshine, sir, fuyuno, cae_prince, the_left_drawer, lil_brokenangel, daisukicons, masquerade_arts, ashke_icons, sensi_incanto, divine_desire, hitzusin, mutsie_brushes, padabee, spooky_window, thor_i_lover, sacarine, hgx, probot, cielo_gris, elanordh

* LOTR pictures:
padabee, TORn, Quintessential LOTR, Ariane's, LOTR Image Library, Arwen-Undomiel.com, fantasyplanet.cz and Annon Nan Galadh.

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