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A few words first

These are icons I have made for anyone to use here on Livejournal or on other blogging sites, forums etc. There's no need to ask if you can grab them, but please consider the following:

- Leave a comment noting which icons you took, so I know what kind of icons I should concentrate on making in the future.

- Credit swanboat_icons, so other people can find here.

- Sometimes there are special instructions for certain sets, for example if original artwork has been used. Please follow them.

- Don't direct-link, it kills my bandwidth and that means no more icons. Save to your own space.

I hope you enjoy my work! :)

Snape, LOTR & Elizabeth: the Golden Age

I personally dislike these kind of multi fandom icon posts, but I've been making so few icons lately that if I don't post them right now, I will forget to do that altogether. My apologies for the inconvenience.

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Robin Hobb art by Jackie Morris

New cover art for Robin Hobb's books.
If you use these, please make sure you credit Jackie Morris! Thank you!

More here at thePlenty.net.

I Want To Believe wp & icons

1 wallpaper and three textless icons (as I have no words!) - might be considered spoilery if you're really trying not to know anything about the movie.

all lies lead to the truthCollapse )


Quickbeam and some other ents

Very hasty ents for lindahoyland (everyone is free to grab them, though :)).

01 02 03

04 05 06
Late again, but here it is, the next calendar wallpaper and the one to start a new series. I did some math as soon as a I realized my initial plan to group some of the valar together in order to make them fit into a 12-month calendar would fail (because those folks demanded to get their own space, big egos and all that stuff! ;)). And well, what do you get when you take three months (I gave Melkor a month too because I have a soft heart like that) out of a year?
Well. If someone says "Tolkien and nine", what do you think of first? Yes, I was lazy and predictable and decided to continue on with the Fellowship. And I even had an abandoned icon-idea to develop as wallpapers: here is one Legolas icon that I made based on it, but I never continued the series. Maybe I will post a batch of icons once this year of wallapers is complete.
Anyway, to make this a bit more challenging for myself, I decided not to use any actor pictures from the movies OR otherwise. Instead I'm trying to use photos I've taken myself or maybe stuff I'm going to scan etc. Once again, half the work was done by the amazing padabee who created the brush set I use for the actual calendar parts.

I'm trying not to ramble too long about this project, so let's get to where it started. There's a passage in LOTR that describes the Fellowship during their journey along Anduin and it starts like this: "The heart of Legolas was running under the stars of a summer night in some northern glade amid the beech-woods; Gimli was fingering gold in his mind, and wondering if it were fit to be wrought into the housing of the Lady's gift. " The plan is quite simply to choose a quote about the heart of every member of the Fellowship and build the wallpaper based on that theme. An added bonus for these months will be a Finnish version alongside the English one so that if you know "Neo-Quenya" or wish to practise it, here's something for you too.

wallpaper calendar for April 08/the Hearts of the Fellowship 1: Legolas Greenleaf (Photo taken in 2004 from a ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki, quote from the chapter "The White Rider")

(en, 1024x768)
(fi, 1024x768)

"Done One" first poster icons

I need to run to work in a sec, so I didn't have time to make more/actually work on these, but I just couldn't let the first official poster to slip by!


Valar icons

Now that the valarpaper calendar is complete, I thought I should look back and repost them as icons. I'm still quite pleased with some of them, and some of them are just as awful as when I threw them together quickly. It's weird to think that I've been using Photoshop CS 2 instead of the good old v. 7 only from Tulkas onwards - it feels so familiar already.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Valarpaper for March 2008 - Yavanna

Valarpaper for March 2008 - Yavanna
Yavanna Kementári, Giver of Fruits and Queen of the Earth is the spouse of Mr. July, Aulë. She is the one responsible for the Kelvar and the Olvar of Arda. The Two Lamps were created by Aulë at her request, and after their destruction, she sang into being the Two Trees of Valinor. When she learned that Aulë had created dwarves, she feared for all the growing things dear to her and especially trees, and together with Manwë discovered the ents in the Great Music.
Yavanna is here portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer as Titania in the 1999 movie A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Talk On Corners by the Corrs

I just finished re-designing the fanlisting for the album Talk On Corners by the Corrs and I added some icons to it... thought I should share them here too in case there are fans out there. :)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and her friends they talk on corners, they could never comprehendCollapse )


Valarpaper for February 2008 - Ulmo

Valarpaper for February 2008 - Ulmo

Mr. February, Ulmo, is probably my favourite vala. He is the Lord of Waters and among the greatest in power, ranked only behind Melkor and Manwë. Before Arda was greated, Ulmo delighted in making music, and so his waters are said to carry the echo of the Music of the Ainur. He doesn't dwell anywhere for long and only goes to Valinor in times of great need. Instead his presence can be found in any sea, lake and river in Arda. Unlike the other Valar, he never abandoned Middle-earth and its peoples and actually played quite an active role many times during the history of Arda.
Ulmo is here portrayed by Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond from LOST.