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A few words first

These are icons I have made for anyone to use here on Livejournal or on other blogging sites, forums etc. There's no need to ask if you can grab them, but please consider the following:

- Leave a comment noting which icons you took, so I know what kind of icons I should concentrate on making in the future.

- Credit swanboat_icons, so other people can find here.

- Sometimes there are special instructions for certain sets, for example if original artwork has been used. Please follow them.

- Don't direct-link, it kills my bandwidth and that means no more icons. Save to your own space.

I hope you enjoy my work! :)

More of those "old photo" Hobbiton walls

So while I was travelling and didn't have access to Photoshop, I played around with an app called Snapseed on my iPad. I'm just gonna dump some of the results here.

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Hobbiton wall

...one morning long ago in the quiet of the world, when there was less noise and more green...

(My apologies for the long silence. I'm currently touring Middle earth New Zealand and although I might finally have the time to make some graphics, my access to the tools of the trade are somewhat limited. This is a real photo taken in Hobbiton and manipulated on my iPad with Snapseed.)

Return to Lothlórien

(Anyone still reading this journal...?)
Guess what! :D I found sudden inspiration to finish the Lothlórien theme I claimed at fellowship100 a billion years ago. The project originally got stuck when I injured my knee (long story involving surgery and not being able to bend it all the way for a few months, making sitting long times at computer difficult) and then I just felt the challenge was a bit too much because I had chosen a theme that seems to be impossible to fit into 30 of the mandatory song titles. But sometimes a hiatus is all that one needs and the thought that I had left this task unfinished kind of bothered me... so here we are, 15 new icons behind the cut! (And I hope I can re-claim the theme at the comm.)

in this far land beneath the treesCollapse )


Yes, I'm alive - and have been working on dragons and sheep, the fanlisting for Wales. If you love Wales (and who doesn't?!), please consider adding your name to that list - it's free, takes about a minute and means a lot to me. :)

And now for the icons I made!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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the Prisoner

It's been such a long time since I've posted here, and I certainly didn't plan to stay awake tonight making icons. But then the sad news of Patrick McGoohan's death reached me and... this is something I had planned to do soon anyway, since I've been watching the series with a couple of friends lately.

35 the Prisoner icons
(and if you still want more, there are older ones to be found by clicking that tag)

walk on the grassCollapse )

Snape and LOTR (what else is new?)

If it weren't for galadrielstills, faramir_stills and snape_stillness you wouldn't be getting new icons by me at all.

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fanlisting icons

Well, what do you know? Call it recycling or call it inspiration (finally?), but I was cleaning (yes, again) old folders and came across these slogans I had once used at my fanlistings collective that suddenly asked to be iconized. These were made tongue-in-cheek: I do love the hobby and the community! :)

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LOST: Libby

Yes, it's an update! I just realized I never posted here some LOST icons I made ages ago. These are basically all Libby or Libby with other characters.

I once was lost but now I'm foundCollapse )


Apologies + some LOTR icons

As you might have noticed, I haven't continued the wallpaper series. I simply can't find the time to do much playing with Photoshop these days, as much as I would love to. My apologies. :(

I've taken over managing galadrielstills from dear elanordh. We're having a bit of a celebration over there right now - if you're an icon maker, please consider participating. :)

Herea are the very few icons I've made lately: some Faramir and some Galadriel.

01 02 03 04
05 06 07

02 was placed 2nd and 03 3rd at faramir_stills and 06 was placed 3rd at galadrielstills.
So yeah. I made the wallpaper weeks ago and then forgot to post it. *headdesk* Also, there's no Finnish version this time, because the official translation of this poem doesn't include the word "heart" so I thought why bother. My apologies!

wallpaper calendar for April 08/the Hearts of the Fellowship 2: Peregrin Took (Photo taken in 2008 at my home, quote from the chapter "A Short Cut to Mushrooms".)