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(Anyone still reading this journal...?)
Guess what! :D I found sudden inspiration to finish the Lothlórien theme I claimed at fellowship100 a billion years ago. The project originally got stuck when I injured my knee (long story involving surgery and not being able to bend it all the way for a few months, making sitting long times at computer difficult) and then I just felt the challenge was a bit too much because I had chosen a theme that seems to be impossible to fit into 30 of the mandatory song titles. But sometimes a hiatus is all that one needs and the thought that I had left this task unfinished kind of bothered me... so here we are, 15 new icons behind the cut! (And I hope I can re-claim the theme at the comm.)

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Yes, I'm alive - and have been working on dragons and sheep, the fanlisting for Wales. If you love Wales (and who doesn't?!), please consider adding your name to that list - it's free, takes about a minute and means a lot to me. :)

And now for the icons I made!

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the Prisoner

It's been such a long time since I've posted here, and I certainly didn't plan to stay awake tonight making icons. But then the sad news of Patrick McGoohan's death reached me and... this is something I had planned to do soon anyway, since I've been watching the series with a couple of friends lately.

35 the Prisoner icons
(and if you still want more, there are older ones to be found by clicking that tag)

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LOST: Libby

Yes, it's an update! I just realized I never posted here some LOST icons I made ages ago. These are basically all Libby or Libby with other characters.

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Apologies + some LOTR icons

As you might have noticed, I haven't continued the wallpaper series. I simply can't find the time to do much playing with Photoshop these days, as much as I would love to. My apologies. :(

I've taken over managing galadrielstills from dear elanordh. We're having a bit of a celebration over there right now - if you're an icon maker, please consider participating. :)

Herea are the very few icons I've made lately: some Faramir and some Galadriel.

01 02 03 04
05 06 07

02 was placed 2nd and 03 3rd at faramir_stills and 06 was placed 3rd at galadrielstills.

wallpaper calendar for May 08/the Hearts of the Fellowship 2

So yeah. I made the wallpaper weeks ago and then forgot to post it. *headdesk* Also, there's no Finnish version this time, because the official translation of this poem doesn't include the word "heart" so I thought why bother. My apologies!

wallpaper calendar for April 08/the Hearts of the Fellowship 2: Peregrin Took (Photo taken in 2008 at my home, quote from the chapter "A Short Cut to Mushrooms".)